Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stilettos, Pumps, In The Club

"Stilettos, pumps, in the club, whoeva thought that these girls could get crunk!?!"
I've noticed lately that there are an abundance of songs about shoes these days. There are boots with the fur, stilettos and pumps, new shoes that are on, air force ones...

But what about The Real Shoes of Our Lives? Where are the raps about Chacos, the ballads about TOMS, the pop-synth hits about Rainbows or the techno beats about Wallabies?

Anyone who is willing to jump on this bandwagon, we should start composing. I think it could be monumental.
"Chaco, funk, in the club. Who ever thought that shoes smell so yuck?"
I think I'm on to something here, people.


Sarah said...

i agree morganster. here is a rhyme to dabble with:

back in my day i wore white i sport the rocket dogs when im pumpin the keg.

Morgan Cogswell said...

i like it!