Thursday, April 27, 2006

Art for Sale?

Marcel Duchamp created the style of art known as "readymade" art. As the title suggests, he took everyday readymade objects and made them, somehow into art. Pictured is Duchamp's "Advance of a Broken Arm" piece. The largest producer of this type of art is, apparently, Home Depot.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Let the Narcissism Begin

this is my first post... so I think I will tell you a little something about me...

Born the inevitable middle child on October 28, 1986, I started my life just as any other girl in the 80's. I took ballet, was involved in Girl Scouts, and enjoyed playing "pretend" in the loft of my house with my sister. I grew up in a lake town, and therefore spent many hours swimming, skiing, and fishing. When I reached kindergarden, my life aspriation was to be a tap dancer like those in Singing in the Rain, and was undoubtedly let down when I realized I must have missed a whole chapter in the Growing Up Handbook on coordination. Ballet and dance in general became ancient history and I discovered sports in which uncoordination turned into unmatched skills. I continued to play soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball and tennis through my high school days. I found a place on the stage, acting in our town's plays in such reknown roles as Robert the Turkey and Princess Amelia's Grandmother. Later, I captured the roles of Dory in Finding Nemo, Buzz in Toy Story, and the Wicked Step Mother in Cinderella. I discovered writing early in my high school life, and haven't looked back since. The University of Georgia is now a place I hope to hone my writing skills and someday write for a living.