Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the future looks bright

i received the most interesting email today.

it was from myself.

On December 11, 2003, I sent myself an email. In high school I heard about this website called Future Me and I set to work to write myself an email that would be delivered at a later date. I don't know why I chose May 22, 2007, but I'm glad that I did. I was 17.

Here's my email. Despite the grammatical and spelling errors, I found it amusing.

Dear FutureMe,

you bum. shouldn't you be off traveling the world and not checking your email? you really shouldnt spend this must time online. i hope you are better about it now. here are some other thigns i hope for you, myself. wierd.

i hope you are in college. at a cool college with cool people in a cool place. please don't go to university of florida. if you are a gator, i will come to the future and slap you. if you aren't in college, i hope you are famous. like writing movies or something. and for being so young, it's so good of you to be so famous!

i hope you have a boyfriend. seriously, it is time. and please don't let it be chris. again, i will slap you if it is. but if you are in college or famous, i highly doubt he is a candidate. if you don't have a boyfirend, GET OUT THERE. i am serious. that is plain rediculous.

i hope you've stopped biting your nails. it is a disgustin habit and you've (we've) been working on that one for a while so i hope it hasn't been all for nothing.

i hope you haven't lost your child humor.

i hope you've finished that book you started. or at least i hope you are still working on it. i know it needed a lot of work and i hope that since you are smarter now that you have figured it out. or maybe you've written many books. or maybe none. don't let me down.

i hope you learned to juggle and that you can touch your toes without bending your knees. i've got a good stretch going now so i hope you haven't lost it.

i hope you've learned more about jesus. i hope you understand it. and live it.

as for right now, i am thinking about cutting my hair. i also want to play tennis and paint my room. i'm not taking the sat's again and i hope that doesn't hurt me in the future. i'm reading the book Epiphany and it's good. i hope i read a lot of good books between now and when i read this again.

I hope that i've loved. i hope that i've lived. i hope that i have great friends and a dream and place to call home. i hope mom and dad are proud of me and brett too. i hope i am not estranged and that i come home from time to time and we go out on the boat and talk about nothing. i hope i've met matt damon. mostly, i hope i am happy. that's all. oh yea, write another one of these things when you get this one. let's keep this going, shall we?


natalie smith said...
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natalie smith said...

i remember this floridian teenager

Anonymous said...

wow, morgan! I think you knew yourself so well at 17... I would hate to know what my email at 17 would've said... oh, geez. by the way, hope orientation is going well! Miss you!