Wednesday, April 11, 2007

social commentary

you sold me when you made a gang sign.

Monday, April 09, 2007

not so secret garden

My creative writing teacher mentioned this place in passing. When people mention places in passing they don't usually give fantastic directions so it was an adventure to try and find this place based on the vague murmur of the name "Boulevard Avenue" (ironic) and "warehouses."
Sarah and Katie Clay were up for the adventure, even though I'm sure they doubted me half the time. Wandering out into the unknown searching for a "fake tree, with fake birds, in a case" amongst some warehouses didn't really seem too promising.
We might not have found a fake tree in a case, but we did find a real tree in a building. And fake birds. Which, is a whole lot better I think.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not your ordinary Ice Cream

I went to a poetry reading downtown tonight. Scott Cairns, the poet of the hour, read some of his subtle yet fiercely humorous words at Hot Corner. The one poem that sticks out in my mind is one entitled Necropolitan. Hmmm. Not your ordinary ice cream indeed...

No, no no no no

The earliest I can recall feeling remorse was at 10 years old. Maybe it's because I am getting older, and my memory is getting weaker... or maybe that is the actual age I first felt that dreary pit in the bottom of my tummy that wasn't a result of too many cookies. I know I was 10 because in 5th grade, I really loved yo-yo's. And after a while, I couldn't even yo-yo because I felt so bad. I put the yo-yo in a sock in my drawer and left if there until junior year of high school.

Back then, I used to imagine the world with a dark cloud over it, where everyone shuffled their feet and didn't look at eachother and no one would play games, or laugh. I remember watching Sesame Street as a kid, and there was an episode where they sang a song called "No." The premise was what the world would be like if you couldn't do anything... "No Walking... No Talking... No no no no no no no, No." It was a catchy song but terrifying. It literally gave me nightmares and sometimes when I think about it even now... I get chills. The idea of not being able to truly Live...

What if the world was really like that?

Praise Jesus for coming and rescuing us from these feelings. For lifting the cloud and raising our eyes to Him. Praise him for allowing us to Live.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


I've always been anti-New Years Resolutions. But this year is different. The idea for 365 is turning out to be much better than ever thought! If you have the ambition and a camera... I suggest you do it as well. Start tomorrow... take a picture every day and watch your year unfold!