Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Let the Narcissism Begin

this is my first post... so I think I will tell you a little something about me...

Born the inevitable middle child on October 28, 1986, I started my life just as any other girl in the 80's. I took ballet, was involved in Girl Scouts, and enjoyed playing "pretend" in the loft of my house with my sister. I grew up in a lake town, and therefore spent many hours swimming, skiing, and fishing. When I reached kindergarden, my life aspriation was to be a tap dancer like those in Singing in the Rain, and was undoubtedly let down when I realized I must have missed a whole chapter in the Growing Up Handbook on coordination. Ballet and dance in general became ancient history and I discovered sports in which uncoordination turned into unmatched skills. I continued to play soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball and tennis through my high school days. I found a place on the stage, acting in our town's plays in such reknown roles as Robert the Turkey and Princess Amelia's Grandmother. Later, I captured the roles of Dory in Finding Nemo, Buzz in Toy Story, and the Wicked Step Mother in Cinderella. I discovered writing early in my high school life, and haven't looked back since. The University of Georgia is now a place I hope to hone my writing skills and someday write for a living.

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