Monday, February 25, 2008

Ahhh, Molecules

My body completely rejected me this weekend. It threw in the towel. Something like this:

Me: Come on, let's go!
Body: No, thanks, Self. But I am not moving today. Or tomorrow. Sunday's not looking so bright, either.
Me: Oh, well, thanks a lot, White Blood Cells for NOT WORKING!

On a lighter note, being sick did allow me to get reacquainted with my love for sleeping. I kind of wish there was a way that I could watch myself sleeping WHILST actually sleeping, because I think that could be really enjoyable. Just imagine... dreaming about yourself sleeping! How relaxing! Instead I usually dream about studying or cleaning and then wake to find that I was only dreaming and I have to actually do it now that I am awake. Terrible.

In the midst of being sick, my mind wandered to such thoughts like "What could scientists POSSIBLY be doing with their time that they haven't found the cure for the Flu yet?!" and other thoughts like: "I wonder what is inside Nyquil that makes me feel so wonderful..." when I came across this headline at the New York Times:

Ahhh, the Seductive Fragrance of Molecules Under Patent

So this is what all those Scientists are up to. I may have the flu... but at least I smell good.

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