Monday, February 18, 2008

another night with Happy China

Another Night with Happy China

Birds can’t knit, my silly darling sapphire!
Their birdy legs are much to short to reach the wool from the shelf!

Hands to floor and knees to chin I listened. My mother’s voice was thick and breathy, like that Of a woman in love! she said.

Tears do nothing unless we’re watering the flowers, Bee!
Don’t waste them on the sheets!

Head to pillow and palms to quilt I remembered. My father’s house was down the street, To give us more space to explore! she said.

A band is nothing without a tambourine!
It’s the heartbeat and the loose change we find in our pockets!

Feet to floor and arms to chest I watched. My mother always swayed when cooking Because even rice needs rhythm! she said.

An uneaten cookie still has a fortune!
Gotta trust it to come true without you!

Hand to fork and mouth to food I ate. My father always ordered take-out dinner Because only your Mother knows how to cook! he said.

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