Thursday, November 15, 2007

An English Lesson on Nicknames

A friend coined the nickname "Morgangster" for me back in high school. A genius blend of both my name and the word "Gangster" no other name could capture me quite as well. When Julia, a classmate from Creative Writing class, commented on my facebook status (which read: "Morgan is Morgangster than you") with the following statement, I felt ever more proud of the nickname: "wow, your amazing portmanteau status is unbelievably perfect. morgangster. i am so jealous of your name now. all i can think of for me is "juliaison" but thats so not cool..."

And in the midst of relishing in the wonderment of this comment... I realized-- portman who? Portman whu? Whu?

So, thank you, wikipedia, for explaining this to me, straightening this whole thing out and being there for me when I need you most.

Also, Julia-- you are a genius.

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Anonymous said...

morgangster! i never knew that had such an englishy etymology! who knew?!