Sunday, November 11, 2007


After a week of speculation over whether the Dawgs would be donning black jerseys or not... I was a little sad to see the team warming up in traditional Georgia Red. Not that I don't love the red, but man, I was pumped and convinced I was going to see some black jerseys.

So when the team ran out onto the field after their team prayer and pep talk in the locker room-- sporting snazzy black jerseys-- I was stoked. Beyond stoked. Super stoked.

"I'm just proud to be a Georgia Bulldog right now. To walk out there and see our student body jammed packed in their sections, all decked out in black, it inspired our team. When I called our team up after pregame warmup, I said, 'Just look into those stands. You ever seen anything like that before?'

"After we came back out in our black after the coin toss, it was as if we were in a movie or something. It was pretty surreal. It meant so much to the players to see the Bulldog Nation unite like that and make it happen." -- Coach Richt in an interview with the AJC after the 45-20 victory over Auburn last night!

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