Sunday, April 13, 2008


Either way, you get your dog back."

I need something like this. Something awesome. Something intriguing. Something that people will look at and laugh and remember.

I need to make business cards for myself for when I go to France this summer. We have to have them to hand around to famous people and bouncers at the Film Festival. Seems pretty weird, I know, but nonetheless, I've gotta do it.

Previous students said they just made stuff up, like they were these famous movie producers or something. Apparently it can help at the festival if you appear to 'be somebody."

Now, while I'm not condoning lying... I do think it would be pretty sweet to have something hilarious on the card. Any suggestions?

Morgan Cogswell.

I'm not sure the French would get that.

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Eric Johnson said...

I don't know much about business cards, but check out Seth Godin's opinion on the subject: