Thursday, April 24, 2008

100 Things: Part 2

picking up where I left off... part 2 of my list of 100 things I want to do in my life!

26. sleep every night in a hammock
27. develop photos in a dark room
28. write a novel
29. deep-fry a turkey
30. experience zer0-gravity
31. dance in the rain
32. meet Donald Miller
33. be in a band (or have Poppyseedchicken make it big)
34. live in a yellow house (soon!)
35. build a canoe
36. fall in love
37. perform stand-up comedy for an audience
38. learn how fireworks work
39. ride a unicycle
40. go glacier climbing
41. watch sea turtles lay eggs
42. make crème brûlée
43. see Singing in the Rain on stage
44. work in a bakery
45. learn to make stained-glass things
46. re-learn to play the piano
47. own a cupcake courier
48. blow bubbles off of the Eiffel Tower
49. read the New Testament in Spanish
50. complete a perfect March Madness bracket

stay tuned for the ever elusive 100 Things: Part 3!!!

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