Friday, July 13, 2007

HoCo gone loco

Hot Corner is one of the staples of Athens. During the school year, the beloved coffee shop houses collegiate fratstars, hip townies and everyone in between... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On any given night... HoCo is bustling with activity: live shows, open mic nights, poetry readings... the atmosphere and ambiance is almost as thick as the smokers breath in the breezeway between The Quiet Room and the main lounge. Heck, HoCo recycles, rocks the mismatched couches and local art... AND sells coffee from the Daily Co-op all while playing appropriately indie tunes. It's an eclectic, hipster, new-age, free thinking, artsy-persons dream.

But one thing disturbs me, and I'm not sure why.

The bathroom, decked out with a fine vintage vanity, low lighting and fiercely pink walls... houses a motion-detecting paper towel dispenser. It seems so terribly odd.

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lucy said...

You've never been one for bathrooms anyway....