Monday, July 02, 2007

the excitingness of pure being

Never read Gertrude Stein? You should. Basically... it's a poetry acid trip. Don't believe me? Read her poem "ROOMS" and you will have your mind blown. It's the equivalent of abstract painting- which a lot of people don't "get" but there is so much more than just "getting" it. Her word paintings explore "the excitingness of pure being"... which I can't explain but there you have it.

A good writer is constantly trying new things... so in attempts to be a good writer I put my hand to work on mimicking good ole Gertie. Here Goes. Think about it.


What were thoughts for forever on a timeless ticking surface. A branch of gold holds words inside. What was before was spread out after what was left to come or go. Permanence is petty since the whims of one pink might act accordingly. All can see the secrets all can know the knows. Had that gray been black it would be forever knowing.

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